World renowned pastry and dessert chef (and longtime friend of other famous culinary masters including Tom Smucker, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Count Chocula), Hanna Ford brings her sophisticated and sweet palate to Ellsworth with an array of carefully curated and hand - selected delicacies, exclusively available at Hanna’s exclusive, private label shop “HannaFord Market”.

From ‘Peanut Butter Perfection Bars’ to Hanna’s famous ‘Cheesecake Bliss Bites’, these desserts are elegant, simple and the perfect end to a family dinner.


• Select your dessert of choice from the carefully assorted case of sweets

• Slice into pieces

• Tastefully present on one of the elegant platters from the butler’s panty

• Take complete credit for sweating over a hot stove and oven to prepare said selections

• Serve and enjoy

Your guests will be blown away by the flavor and presentation of your Hanna Ford desserts and will no doubt be asking for seconds!