Serves 2 poor souls a distinct honor and the remaining diners endless joy

Preparation time: depends on lengthy cocktail hours, messy chefs, and that night’s feast


This has been a Macon family tradition since the Sixties and saved a lot of family angst, e.g. “You owe me two table clearings.”

“No I don’t ”


  1. The first night a person picks a number from 1-1000; the original person is also included in the game

  2. You go around the table with each person guessing a number that reduces the boundaries for the low and high numbers

  3. If the guess reaches the first person again, (s) he must take the last number called and add one

  4. The winner is the person that guesses the number picked - the reward is clearing the table and loading the dishwasher

  5. But…. before (s) he starts, h e g e t s to chose a second number for the “helper”- thus, a second round of the game! The consolation for the “helper” is that (s) he gets to pick the first number the following night!

  6. Noni Macon’s rule: If someone has lost the game twice in a row, they are exempt for the next night

[Editor’s Notes:

• When making dinner, limit the number of pots, pans, glasses and plates

• Ensure the people choosing the number actually write it down]