Serves 1

Preparation Time: 45-60 minutes


• 2 heaping handfuls shredded kale

• 1 can chickpeas

• 3⁄4 cup dried cranberries

• 1 small log goat cheese

• 1 1⁄2 cups wild rice Tools:

• Large stock pot

• 6 cups chicken stock

• Creamy balsamic vinaigrette or Noni’s vinaigrette

• Optional: 2 cups grilled or sautéed chicken


  1. Bring wild rice and chicken stock to a boil; drop to a simmer for 50 minutes or until rice has bloomed and is tender

  2. Wash kale in cold water and tear apart by hand

  3. Toss in serving bowl to form base and add rice and all other ingredients


• “Serves one guy in his 20’s a full meal once a day for a full work week.”

• “Goat cheese will be frustrating, but this salad is lost without it – patient tossing will be rewarded.”